• 1.-Nyonya Acar Awak [veg]
    Traditional spicy vegetable pickle (cold)
  • 2.-Roti Canai [veg]
    Malaysian bread (roti paratha) served with curry sauce
  • 3.-Lumpia Sayur
    Crunchy spring roll stuffed with vegetables & beef minced
  • 4.-Pegedil [veg]
    Deep fried potato patty with cilantro and fried shallots
  • 5.-Popiah Basah [veg]
    Fresh spring roll filled with shredded raddish, cucumber, lettuce and chopped peanuts
  • 6.-Cucur Udang
    Prawn fritters with onion
  • 7.-Campur -Campur Istimewa
    MIX APPETIZER FOR 2 PEOPLE Popiah Basah [Fresh spring roll] a: Pegedil [potato patty] | b: Cucur Udang [Fried prawn] | c: Cucur Udang [Fried prawn ] | d: Sate Ayam [chicken skewer]
  • 8.-Sate Ayam
    4 sticks chicken skewer marinated in spices with cucumber,onion ,pineapple and aroma satay sauce
  • 9.-Ayam Goreng Kunyit
    Fried chicken wing in turmeric, garlic & ginger


  • 10.-Sup Kari Ayam
    Chicken curry soup with prawn, chicken meat and toufu
  • 11.-Sup Daging
    A Malaysian favourite ,beef simmered in traditional spiced soup with tomato and coriander
  • 12.-Nyonya Salad [veg]
    Green salad with mango and lime juice dressing
  • 13.-Gado-Gado
    Indonesian mixed vegetables with toufu ,boiled egg and peanut sauce


  • 15.-Gulai Ayam
    Chicken drumstick (yellow) curry dish with potatoes.Served with jasmine rice
  • 16.-Rendang Ayam
    Chicken with lemon grass, roasted coconut and coconut milk served with jasmine rice
  • 17.-Ayam Madu Limau
    Fried chicken with honey lemon sauce.Served with jasmine rice
  • 18.-Ayam Tiga Rasa
    Stir-fried chicken fillet with dried shimp ,dried chili in dark soy sauce. Served with jasmine rice
  • 19.-Kari Daging
    Beef (red) curry dish served with potatoes served with jasmine rice
  • 20.-Rendang Daging
    Beef with lemon grass, roasted coconut and coconut milk. Served with jasmine rice
  • 21.-Daging Goreng Kicap
    Stir-fried beef with dark soy sauce. Served with jasmine rice
  • 22.-Mamak Kari Kambing
    Spicy lamb curry dish with aromas of cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. Served with jasmine rice
  • 23.-Assam Pedas Udang
    Prawn cooked in hot and sour chili gravy served with jasmine rice
  • 24.-Kari Udang
    Prawn curry dish with creamy coconut milk served with jasmine rice
  • 25.-Sambal Udang Sotong
    Prawn and squid with Sambal belacan served with jasmine rice
  • 26.-Bebek Menyatnyat
    Boneless duck with special butter cream sauce served with jasmine rice
  • 27.-Bebek Masak Kari
    Curry dish with boneless duck cooked in coconut milk seved with jasmine rice
  • 28.-Chapcai [veg]
    Stir-fried mixed vegetables with toufu served with jasmine rice
  • 29.-Kari Sayur-sayuran [veg]
    Curry dish with fresh vegetables served with jasmine rice
  • Kang Kung Belacan (Seasonal)
    Stir fried water spinach with chilies and shrimp paste served with jasmine rice


  • 30.-Nasi Lemak
    National dish of Malaysia.Rendang chicken OR Rendang beef,Sambal prawn, fried egg , anchovies, peanuts,acar ( vegetables pickle) and santan (coconut )rice
  • 31.-Nasi Goreng Sambal
    Stir-fried rice with spicy prawn and squid with chicken skewer
  • 33.-Nasi Goreng Kampung
    Traditional malay fried rice with prawn,chicken fillet,anchovie and fried egg served with sambal belacan
  • 35.-Nasi Jasmine
    Jasmine rice
  • 36.-Mee Goreng
    Stir-fried noodles with prawn,chicken fillet ,toufu and tomato
  • 37.-Char Keuy Teow
    Famous street food. Stir-fried flat rice noodles with prawn ,chicken fillet and bean sprout
  • 39.-Mee Kari Laksa
    Noodle curry soup served with prawn ,chicken ,fish ball ,toufu and bean sprout . Served with sambal belacan

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